The Cruise of the Talking Fish

Talking FishThe sequel to Rum Doodle, and WE Bowman's only other published work. It was first publised by Max Parrish in 1957. In it, Binder takes on a new challenge: to sail across the Pacific in a raft, with four human compnaions, and an assortment of animals. What Rum Doodle does for mountain climbers, The Cruise does for Thor Heyerdahl.

The Yorkshire Evening Post said "this should become a minor classic"

The Manchester Evening News said "wonderful stuff"

The Cruise is currently out of print: the most recent edition was a joint paperback edition with Rum Doodle, published by Pimlico in 1992. A recent correspondent to this website has managed to get hold of a copy through

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Since its first publication, the words Rum Doodle have been taken by fans of the book for a variety of purposes: the Rumdoodle sleeping bag, Rumdoodle cllimbing company, Rumdoodle the rock band!

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