Other Rum Doodles

Since its first publication in 1956, the words Rum Doodle and Rumdoodle have been taken by people around the world (many of them fans of the book) and used for a variety of purposes.

There is a sleeping bag called a Rumdoodle, a climbing company, a horse, and even a Rock Band! Many years ago my father received a copy of a Rum Doodle puzzle, climbing a mountain by means of a two-pronged fork!

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Rum Doodle Alpine Style

This wonderful piece by David Thoenen documents the recent successful second assault on the Queen of the Skies (opens in new window). Artwork by Jeremy Collins

Rum Doodle Alpine Style.pdf

Rum Doodle Bar in Kathmandu

Perhaps the most famous use of the word is the Rum Doodle restaurant in Kathmandu, Nepal. Established in 1980, the restaurant is known to climbers, walkers and backpackers from all over the world. Behind the bar are wooden boxes with the signatures of hundreds of Everest summiteers, including Sir Edmund Hillary.

Visit it at:


Rum Doodle the Standard Parti-Poodle

Thanks to Misha Anderson for telling us about her Rum Doodle


Rum Doodle Society

The Royal Grammar School in Guildford (where WE Bowman lived for many years) has a flourishing Rum Doodle Society, devoted to climbing in Scotland. Find out more at their website


The procedure for opening their meetings is rather amusing

Mount RumDoodle in Antarctica

RumDoodle Hut 1 5The first Rumdoodle to be named after the book was a peak in Antarctica, near Mawson station (67 degrees 42’54" south 62 degrees 48’18" east), so named by the 1959 or 1960 Australian expedition. There is an Automatic Weather station and an airstrip there.


Other Works

WE Bowman produced other comic novels and poems, as well as essays on life and relativity.

Find out about The Cruise of the Talking Fish, Mith Son of Nith, The Tale of the Terrible T and What the World Needs. Other works >