What the World Needs

An eight page essay on the future of humanity, written in the early 1980s. My father was a thinker and an idealist, and this short piece gets closer than anything in summing up his philosophy. Here is a short extract:

Justice can be neither defined nor achieved: it can only be pursued, by infinitely delicate adjustment, of man to man in friendship. Its approximation is the state in which no man's will is imposed on another; where the whisper outcalls the shout; where the need of one is the need of all and strength is everyone's treasure.

It is inseparable from kindness.

Other Rum Doodles

Since its first publication, the words Rum Doodle have been taken by fans of the book for a variety of purposes: the Rumdoodle sleeping bag, Rumdoodle cllimbing company, Rumdoodle the rock band!

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