Other Works by WE Bowman

This page includes information and extracts from some of WE Bowman's other works. All works remain copyright of The Estate of WE Bowman.

The Cruise of the Talking Fish

Read more...The sequel to Rum Doodle, and WE Bowman's only other published work. It was first publised by Max Parrish in 1957. In it, Binder takes on a new challenge: to sail across the Pacific in a raft, with four human compnaions, and an assortment of animals. What Rum Doodle does for mountain climbers, The Cruise does for Thor Heyerdahl.

The Yorkshire Evening Post said "this should become a minor classic"

The Manchester Evening News said "wonderful stuff"

The Cruise is currently out of print: the most recent edition was a joint paperback edition with Rum Doodle, published by Pimlico in 1992. A recent correspondent to this website has managed to get hold of a copy through eBay.co.uk


This was the third Binder book, written at the publishers' urging, but never published. The title changed during the writing.

Mith Son of Nith

is a short 'Welsh' story, part of Mugluring. My father had a great affection for Welsh people and their use of language (both English & Welsh). The story draws on the ancient Welsh Mabinogion, and is reproduced here in toto:

Mith, son of Nith, was not happy except that he had his hands on a maiden's dowry. He dwelt in the castle Breiniog in the cantref of Gwladygog. One day he sent for Cwm Cwm Mlad, his kinsman. Now Cwm Cwm Mlad, his kinsman, was the best teller of stories that ever was known in the cantref of Gwladygog. He dwelt at Tycwmcwmmladuchaf, which men call Tycwmcwmmladuchaf. Cwm Cwm Mlad, my kinsman, said Mith, tell us a story.


The Tale of the Terrible T

is a moral tale in verse. My mother remembers hearing him laugh aloud as he wrote it. As a drama student in Hull in 1982, I directed a stage version of the story. It has 410 verses, here are the first three:

In days long by, when hags rode high
And ogres champed and chewed;
When the vile Unbird was horribly heard
And terrible griefs were grued;


Jonathan Dodd

is also a moral tale in verse (164 lines). Here are the first eight lines:

Jonathan Dodd had a message from God,
Internally dictated
Modernly free from Thou and Thee, 
Colloquially stated.


Short Stories

Read more...My father wrote at least nine short stories at various times, varying in length from 1,000-20,000 words. Titles include Malmansion, Denny Oat and the Life Thrust, and The Time Has Come.

At one stage he submitted them for publication together, under the title Strange Company, with a cover he designed (illustrated). Malmansion won an award and was published by South East Arts.

Works on Relativity

My father considerd his most important work to be the work he did on Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Although he worked for much of his life as a Civil Engineer, he had left school at the age of sixteen (quite late for Yorkshire in the 1920s) and was no academic. His aim was to write a Plain Man's View of Relativity.


What the World Needs

An eight page essay on the future of humanity, written in the early 1980s. My father was a thinker and an idealist, and this short piece gets closer than anything in summing up his philosophy. Here is a short extract:

Justice can be neither defined nor achieved: it can only be pursued, by infinitely delicate adjustment, of man to man in friendship. Its approximation is the state in which no man's will is imposed on another; where the whisper outcalls the shout; where the need of one is the need of all and strength is everyone's treasure.

It is inseparable from kindness.

Other Rum Doodles

Since its first publication, the words Rum Doodle have been taken by fans of the book for a variety of purposes: the Rumdoodle sleeping bag, Rumdoodle cllimbing company, Rumdoodle the rock band!

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